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Watson Automation Systems has been supplying the oil and gas industry with custom equipment for nearly 20 years. From drilling support equipment to pipe handling, coating systems, bending machines,heavy mobile equipment,heavy-duty gears,LogiTrack Automated Electrified Monorail , Watson Automated SuperTrak Modular Conveyor System,Watson Automation has a wide variety of equipment design and manufacturing expertise. With our in house design, machining, hydraulics and electrical installation services, Watson Automation offers turn-key solutions for any equipment that we manufacture. Watson Automation Fabrication products and services to the Oil and Gas include:

  • ASME pressure vessels

  • API production equipment

  • structural skids and components

  • piping systems

Automated and Manual Valve Products

Watson Automation System, Inc. produces a broad line of competitively priced valves and valve control products under its W.E. Anderson™ brand, which manufactures various products including: globe, butterfly, ball, manifold, actuators, and solenoid valves.

Hydraulic Swivels

Hydraulic swivels, also known as hydraulic rotary manifolds, are precision components designed to transfer fluid from a stationary source to a rotating piece of machinery.


Watson Automation can provide our customers with simulations using actual time parameters to prove out a systems throughput capacity. We also have the ability to drive the simulated equipment with the actual PLC code that would run the physical equipment. This ability can shorten the startup and commissioning process, as well as allow Watson to test program changes on a simulation without impacting production on the physical equipment.

Watson Automation Pumps

Watson Automation offers pumping solutions and associated performance-based services for heavy oil, light oil, thermal recovery and multiphase application.

Watson Process Automation Services

Metering, Storage & Fuel Systems

Watson’s specialized oil & gas solutions are designed to address the exclusive operational needs of the oil & gas industry. Watson due to its vast experience and core focus in oil & gas industry understands the criticality & impact of these specialized processes in your value chain, and has designed solution to address these specialized needs.

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Hydraulic Wellhead Control Panel

Watson Wellhead Control Panels are designed to provide safe and reliable operations.

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Subsea Master Control Station (MCS)

Watson’s Master Control Station (MCS) is a proven solution for subsea wellhead controls. Designed and engineered for safe and reliable operations with compliance to all oil & gas standards, Watson Automations delivers superior performance at reduced cost.

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Hydraulic Wellhead Control Panel

"Every solution we deliver meets and exceeds the international, national, local and corporate standards of HSE and operational excellence. This requires customizing the solution for each customer asset to ensure lower OPEX and highest compliance. Our solutions are customizable for single and multiple wells ranging from pneumatic controls to an RTU based solution."

"The provision of Solar Panels, Master Control Stations and Metering Systems with the Wellhead Control Panel allows us to better serve the highly customized needs of our customers. Thus fulfilling our promise of – “Your One-Stop Shop in the Oil & Gas Sector”"

Whether ASME code or non-code, we offer component or systems reconditioning to Oil & Gas equipment. Coupled with repair and modification services, it allows customers to maximize their capital investment and possibly reduce project commissioning.

We offer the following fabrication products:

Production Equipment

Well Testing Equipment

Processing and Treating Equipment

Pipeline & Compressor Equipment

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